Brass Copper Alloy Billet Heater

The Banyard range of LFi IGBT Brass and Copper Alloy Billet Heaters will deliver the rapid billet heating rates needed to reduce the unwanted scale/oxidation normally associated with conventional heating methods.

Applications can be heating from ambient temperature of boost heating of pre-heated billets.



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  • Rapid induction heating also reduces the burn-out of alloying elements such as Zinc, Cadmium etc.
  • Rapid induction heating will greatly improve the quality of Brass and Copper alloy billets when presented to the press.

Tech Specs

  • Available for a billet diameter range 100mm (4”) to 305mm (12”). Other diameters can be considered.
  • Heaters can be configured as single billet or multi-billet induction coils dependant on the production rates required.
  • The required LFi  Frequency Power Convertor (frequency range 30 – 200 Hz) can be located adjacent to the induction coil or mounted on a deck above the induction coil to reduce floor footprint.

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