Company Information

Inductotherm Indonesia  is part of the Inductotherm Group which brings together some 40 companies strategically located around the world. They all share a focus on serving the metals and materials industry and all are leaders in their respective disciplines.

From the brilliant yellow of gold and the warm glow of copper to the cold grey of iron and steel, no matter what metal you melt, mould, heat or otherwise process, there’s an Inductotherm Group company with the equipment, technology or services you need.

Inductotherm Indonesia is located at MM2100 Industrial industry Cikarang ( Bekasi Barat ). Our Office and workshop having several facility such us:

  • Warehouse for inventory stock spare part for melting, heating machine
  • Water cooled lead (WCL) manufacturing
  • Coil repair facility for induction melting , heating from various capacity up to 25 Ton
  • Winding coil machine for coil up to 2 Ton capacity

We are providing excellent after sales service for all our customer in Indonesia, with our 6 persons Engineer local who had been train at Inductotherm Group Corps, and they are equipped with the solving problem skills, supervision installation, commissioning unit machine Induction Furnace, heating , and welding ( Thermatool ) , training support in field

Our Workshop repair division had many experience to repair the Furnace ( coil, shunt, and other parts on furnace ) in house or at customer site.

Our Project division had sucessfull to provide excellent service for customer in sub turnkey installation which covering material and installation in civil, mechanical (piping system,hydraulic) and Electrical (grounding, HV, LV, interconnection)

Currently we supply our equipment’s to our customer in Indonesia for Induction Furnace, Heating and Thermatool from our Group Company ( Australia, India, China, Taiwan, USA, Europe )

As a multi-technology organization, the Inductotherm Group offers many advantages:

  • The unique ability to offer the best solution from a broad range of available technologies.
  • A single point of contact and single source of project responsibility.
  • The support of a global network of manufacturing and service facilities.
  • Access to a full range of engineering, installation and repair services.
  • Innovative technology advances through group synergy.

We supply and install induction furnace systems for melting, holding and pouring for virtually all metal and material processing including, grey and ductile iron, steel, copper and copper-based alloys, aluminium, zinc, reactive metals, precious metals, silicon, and graphite heating, as well as numerous other special applications.

We also supply most advanced induction heating systems for the forging, forming, brazing and for the heat treatment industries.

We also supply a complete line of Induction furnaces for melting, heating, coating, galvanizing and galvanealing on a continuous basis, primarily for the steel industry and Vacuum Furnace, Vacuum Heat Treatment.

Inductotherm Indonesia has an extensive product range supply and will provide products to suit your individual needs and applications as required. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.

Metal is the material foundation for the world we live in today. We celebrate the importance of metal, the uniqueness of metal, and the infinite number of ways in which metal makes our lives better. Once transformed, metal can be a thousand different things. We are honored to be a part of our customer’s journey as they use our products to facilitate these transformations every day. At Inductotherm, we believe that Metal is what YOU make of it. We know what we can do with metal and we want to learn about what you do with metal. Call us so we can be part of your story.

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