Metal casting

For most metals, melting is the first step in the production of a useful product. Inductotherm Group Indonesia provides a variety of types and oven capacity – from units the size of a cup of coffee for melting precious metals to furnaces with hundreds of tons of iron – to productively merge a full range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The Inductotherm brand technology means faster melting rates, energy efficiency, low loss of metal and precise control of temperature and metal quality. All this and more allows us to build the melting system ideal for your application.

Induction Heat Treating

Some metals need to be heated and/or heat treated to improve their physical and metallurgical properties. Our focus is to lead the market in thermal treatment equipment with innovative and flexible systems.

Inductotherm Group Indonesia offers a wide range of solutions and alternatives in heat treatment by induction to meet current and future needs of your company.  We have induction systems to meet various types of applications and heat treatment processes, such as scanning, static selective/located indexing turning, among others.

Induction Heating for Forging

Inductotherm Group Indonesia provides induction heating equipment for various types of geometry and material sections in the hot forming process ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Built to operate in harsh environments of forging, the source of power, InductoForge is the latest generation of industrially proven systems.

Advances in our forging technology provide special advantages for the forging industry and include the new billet heating system for InductoForge™, which uses standardized modules, and provides flexibility in power, mechanical assembly, and operation controls.

Induction Welding

In today’s business scenario, with ever-changing market conditions, the worldwide pipe manufacturers continue to seek new production opportunities to maintain and, where possible, increase its market share.

Clearly, a possible strategy is diversification, offering a wide variety of products in the same training for greater commercialization and meet the requirements of a broader market. This applies to both the domestic market and to export.

Thermatool brand frequency generator’s transistors offer manufacturers the flexibility and performance necessary to achieve their goals.