Quick-Trak Systems

Quick-Trak™ Systems are designed to meet the need for compact and economical induction melting.

Our clean, efficient, and easy to operate Quick-Trak™ Systems can be used to melt small amounts of metal just about anywhere: in jewelry design and manufacturing facilities and even in office suites with proper ventilation, unlike fuel-fired systems that may not be practical or permitted in nonindustrial environments. That’s because the Quick-Trak™ System is clean, efficient, easy to operate and virtually silent. Cooling requirements are minimal and can be met via a connection to an available water and drain line or with an optional, stand-alone, compact cooling unit. Offered in 10 and 15 kilowatt power configurations, this quiet and compact induction power unit is available with an integral single crucible furnace.



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Tech Specs

Power RangesStandard FeaturesOptional FeaturesFactory Tested
10 to 15 KilowattsIGBT TechnologyStand-Alone, Compact Cooling UnitCritical Components
Contact Inductotherm for Custom SolutionsMinimal Cooling RequirementsIntegral Single Crucible Furnace